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IB Program Contacts
  Derek Maestas (505) 294-1511 ex: 30302 Math / IB Diploma Coordinator
  Rita Martinez (505) 294-1511 ex: 30312 IB Teacher / IB Prep Coordinator

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What is IB?

IB Programs Overview
Class of 2021


The International Baccalaureate (IB), an international non-profit educational foundation founded in 1968, offers a highly respected standardized educational program that develops the intellectual, personal, emotional and social skills needed to live, learn and work in a rapidly globalizing world. The IB mission is to create a better world through education and with the goal of developing inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who are motivated to succeed. Our programs encourage students to become active thinkers, compassionate and lifelong learners who respect other cultures and traditions.

These are the skills that students will need in order to be successful at school, at a university and in the world of work, business and enterprise. For success in the 21st century, all students need to learn to be effective, self-regulated learners, learners who can learn in any situation, at any time, in any place, from any person using any media or technology – without the support of teachers. By the time they finish the IB Diploma Program, students will have all the skills they need to cope with, and take advantage of, any situation they find themselves in after they leave school.

Sandia Activities

Currently, IB works with 4,527 schools in 143 countries educating more than 1.2 million students aged 3 to 19 years. As all schools strive, and often struggle, to improve student performance, IB is thriving. In the last decade, high schools in the United States offering IB Programs have more than doubled, from 327 to 894. In many ways, this new found popularity is no surprise. IB offers two things almost every school wants - world class academics and prestige within the education community.

Why Choose IB?

Courses in the IB Diploma Program at Sandia High School develop students’ critical thinking and problem solving skills. Because students are required to accept more responsibility and accountability for their education, the Diploma Program will have students exceptionally well prepared to succeed at the university level. Other benefits of the IB Program include:

  • Take advantage of the rigorous academics of a private school type education for FREE!
  • While in the IB program, students enjoy all the benefits of a public school including sports, band, theater, clubs and activities.
  • IB classes are small with a very low student to teacher ratio in order to foster a rigorous learning environment.
  • Universities in the United States accept IB results for college credit.
  • The acceptance rate for IB students to highly selective universities is generally twice that of non-IB program students.
  • IB students are preferred students for universities and are granted early admission notification.
  • IB students have a higher success rate at the university level, including higher graduation rates, than the non-IB student.

Attention all past IB students:

We are trying to get contact information from all of our past IB students. Can you pass along this link and see what IB class can get your whole IB class to be part of the Sandia IB alumni association? 


See which class has the most! 

Important Dates


Upcoming Events: 



IB Prep Information Meetings (for current 8th & 9th graders)

Dates: 11/3, 11/30, 12/14, 1/10

Time: 6-7:30pm

Location: Sandia High School Library

IB Diploma Program  Information Meetings (for current 10th grade students)

Dates: 12/7,  1/19

Time: 6-7:30pm

Location: Sandia High School Library

Thank you for your interest in the IB Programs at Sandia!

The Diploma Program

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program is designed as an academically challenging and balanced program of education that prepares students for success at the university level and beyond. The program is taught over 2 years, the junior and senior years, and has gained recognition and respect from the world’s leading universities.

IB Diploma students study 6 academic areas over 2 years. Students complete assessment tasks in the classroom, which are scored by their teachers and moderated by IB. Additionally, students take written exams at the end of the program which are graded by external IB examiners. The IB Diploma is awarded to students who meet the minimum performance level across the whole program.

The Preparatory Program

To succeed in IB, students must be dedicated learners. To facilitate this, we encourage students to enroll in our preparatory program during their freshman and sophomore years. Students who have completed the IB Prep program successfully will advance to the Diploma Program in their junior year.

Students in the preparatory program will complete honors English, honors mathematics, biology, chemistry, AP world history, and two years of Spanish or French during their freshman and sophomore years. They will also complete Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) experiences each year in preparation for the CAS requirement in the Diploma Program.